Green Energy

The idea was born from the need to create opportunities in the green-energy sector and give a new economic impulse to agricultural activity. A modern development possibility for rural fabric in total respect of the environment and the Tuscan territory, which is rich in landscape and history excellence.

Impianto di Cortona (AR)

Unfortunately, the continuous decreasing of economic return makes agricultural management complicate. Where agricultural activity is abandoned it causes the loss of its important role regarding the preservation of territory.

The purpose of our initiative is to find a viable economic alternative that allows the land cultivation and preserves the local environment, culture and agricultural traditions. At the same time we promote new jobs in the area related to energy production and renewable sources.

Impianto di Torrita di Siena

Particular attention is paid to the design of the entire, environmentally integrated, plant. Architectural and contruction details are chosen, in full respect of the natural context.

“We defend our environment. Thanks to our commitment in the renewable energy field, today Belvedere Angelico is a fully eco-sustainable energy company. Every year we produce five times more energy than our entire group consumes. ”

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