Real Estate

Real estate activity is one of the group pillars.

Among our properties there are primarily buildings, palaces, apartments and villas, both for office and residential use. A peculiar feature of our buildings is about the location, most of all in prestigious areas of main italian cities, including Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice.

It was 2001 when the group purchased its first hotel building, the Hotel Santa Maria Novella. From here, the expansion in this sector is continued through a series of successfull acquisitions in the following years in Florence: the Balestri Hotel, The Universo Hotel, The Garibaldi Blu Hotel, the Rosso 23 Hotel and the Firenze L’Orologio Hotel. In the same period we completed the acquisition of Villa Cora, today a 5-star luxury hotel.

At the end of 2012 the company Belvedere Angelico expanded its hotel activity outside Tuscany with the Hotel Tiziano in Rome acquisition and the construction of the Hotel l’Orologio in Venice.

We are conscious that the beauty and value of our buildings also requires constant care and attention. In 2014 our group made a series of interventions concerning several buildings located in Florence. From early 2019, a major 12-month renewing activity of the Hotel Tiziano started and it will reopen under the concept and the new sign of Hotel L’Orologio Roma.

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